Bi-focal sighting system, based on optical fiber bundle

Our complete bi-focal sighting system, ready to be mounted on the turret of a vehicle, has three main components: an optical fiber bundle, an objective subset and an eye subset.
Vibration qualification setup

Optical fiber bundle

Optical fiber bundles
The optical fiber bundle allows high accuracy targeting. This sighting system is the easiest to be implemented in a tricky environment and is cost effective. It can advantageously replace an articulated telescope.

Objective subset

The objective subset includes the following parts:
  • a tele-objective (near field),
  • a wide angle lens (wide field),
  • an optical transfer system,
  • a purgeable waterproof case,
  • a glass protection,
  • a laser filter ,
  • a mechanical turret interface and
  • an electrical connector.

Eye subset

Modulation Transfer Function
The eye subset inludes:
  • an adjustable eyepiece,
  • a NATO reticle and
  • a fine sighting adjustment.

Walopt can provide a qualification to MIL standards and offer possibilities of mass production.