Phase Change Material (PCM) for heat storage

Phase Change Materials (PCM) offer the possibility to store thermal energy directly as latent heat of fusion or sublimation. When a coupled equipment is getting warmer, the PCM absorbs heat and melts or sublimates at a stable temperature; when the equipment is inactive the PCM can re-solidify, releasing the relevant amount of heat.

Two advantages of a PCM device are the stability of temperature control and the absence of moving parts.


Image (right) courtesy of NASA
PCM Heat Storage Device are presently developed for Space Applications through an ESA program lead by Walopt in collaboration with CRM: ISIS - Isothermal Storage for Improved Satellite.

An advanced software allows optimisation of PCM devices, taking into account 2D effects.

This expertise is also applied for terrestrial systems, making an efficient use of energy in buildings or in transportation systems.