WALOPT is a company created in 2002 by senior experts in Space and Nuclear industry.
It is located in Liege, Belgium (Wallonia), pole of expertise in these sectors.

Walopt is working in three main areas of activity:

1. The Industrial area: development of high tech instrumentation and products to incorporate in current or new industrial processes

2. The area of Defence: development of products in collaboration with the Defence industry and the Belgian Defence Ministry

3. The area of Services: services in space logistics, diagnostics and technical training

At Walopt, the activity goes beyond the development of these three areas: it is "the creation of a concept". The Walopt Concept is born of the interrelation among the development of products with the highest technological investigation and quality, and the philosophy of the client's satisfaction; covering the client's needs is the most important objective. These are the ways through which Walopt try to reach a primordial objective: to market products of high technology that give quick and quality solutions to the client's needs through customization.

As a result of the application of this concept, Walopt has namely developed the Finder 100, a new generation XRF portable spectrometer, fully dedicated to a specific process.

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